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Vet 948

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans


United States Navy,Submarine Service

LAWSON “RED“RAMAGEcommanded USS PARCHE(SS 384)during the war and was extremely successful. In the book “SUBMARINE“by EDWARD L. BEACH(1163-1989),RAMAGEwas asked how he knew the manner to break into a convoy and attack from inside where the escorts could not get at him. “I read about a German U-Boat Skipper named Kretschmer and how he did it,“was his reply. During one of his visits to the Kretschmer home in Germany,Sharkhunters President HARRY COOPER(1-LIFE-1983)told this story to OTTO KRETSCHMER(122-1985). OTTOwas dismayed and didn’t believe it at first,but they pulled a copy of “SUBMARINE“from the bookshelf and there it was in black and white. OTTOwas quite impressed,and we sent his greetings along to RAMAGE.

Admiral RAMAGEwas always supportive and helpful to Sharkhunters,and proud of his Membership.