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Vet 956

SHARKHUNTERS Salutes Veterans

ERNST  ZUNDEL  (956-1989)


We note there is no flag alongside ZUNDEL‘s name on the Veterans page and that is because of his unique history.  Born in Germany, he emigrated to Canada where he lived for many years and he had a company that sold what can be called Revisionist books.  The Canadian Government finally arrested him and brought him to trial for what some called “thought crimes” but he was not imprisoned.  He married a lady of German descent who was an American citizen and he moved to be with her in Tennessee – but the United States Immigration arrested him for being in the USA illegally.  The INS held him for a while then sent him back to Canada and they quickly handed him over to the German Government who arrested him for “Holocaust Denial“, a felony in Germany.  He was imprisoned for some years then released.  He cannot come back to Canada where he lived for so many years and he cannot come to the United States to be with his wife, so he now lives in his family home in Germany.