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Space! The Final Frontier




Clark McClelland spent 35 years with NASA and was an ScO – a Spacecraft Operator.  He was checked out to operate the shuttles and other space craft on the ground and as such, he viewed and/or helped launch 679 rockets and space craft.

As you read all the incredible secrets he tells in this work – the sabotage, intrigue, US Government men he accuses of treason (including the President), the high-ranking men of the 3rd Reich who were officially dead before coming to Florida to work at NASA – you will wonder how he is still alive!  As it is, he’s had one leg amputated, is penniless and is languishing in an assisted living facility just waiting to die.

He believes that his revealing the details that are in this book are the reason he has been reduced to this level of existence.  We are really surprised that he has not been terminated either by an accident or suicide as so many before him who talked too much.

I visited with Clark in his room in early 2020, the room he shares with another guy who is also just waiting to die, and Clark gave us all his documents with his request that we publish everything, which we are doing now.


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