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U-Boat! (Vol. XVII)




“U-BOAT!” (vol. 17) contains more fascinating first-person memories from the men who rode the U-Boats as well as other branches of service and in other countries. These stories come directly from the memories of the men who fought in the greatest conflict the world has ever known and there is no better or more accurate history than that which comes directly from the warriors who made this history. This book is their continuing story and an expansion of our U-Boat history. Come with us on a journey into the greatest conflict known as World War Two.

Japanese Giant I.400, visit with Erich Topp, Soviet Submarine S.56, Hans-Georg Hess (Youngest Skipper), visit with Jürgen Oesten, the Awesome USS BARB and many more stories.

These are all Memories of the warriors who made World War Two history.


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