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U-Boat War in Photos (Vol. 3)




The information contained in the many volumes of “The U-Boat War in Photos” is unmatched in the accuracy and depth of information – not only dates, places and other data but also personal input from the men who rode the U-Boats. In these volumes you will read the compete history of each U-Boat. We post what Type the boat was, what yard built her, her launch date and her commissioning date, her FeldPost Number, who attacked her and where she was lost including the lat. long. position. We also include which flotillas she was with and her Turmabzeichen (Conning Tower Emblem) – in many  cases, they had more than one and we give the reason behind the choice of the emblem. You will also read about all her Skippers including their date and place of birth, what was their Naval Class, dates and places of all their training both in class and aboard, promotions, medals and awards they received and the dates and what was their final fate. You will also see a great many photos of the boats, the Skippers, the ships they attacked along with the statistics of the ships they attacked. There is also information on any special operations they took on. PERSONAL INPUT: In many cases we post the many letters and personal conversations we had with the Skippers and others. In addition, there is personal input from the ASW guys who attacked and in many cases, destroyed the U-Boats…..and in some cases, from the victims of the attacks and sinkings. In many cases, you will also read post-war input and in many cases, you will see post-war photos of this author with the veteran. Now sit back and enjoy this library-quality research and reference book on the history of the Germany U-Bootwaffe that can be found nowhere else.


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