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Rare U-Boat Types


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by Harry Cooper

The U-Bootwaffe of the Kriegsmarine had the largest submarine force at sea of any nation in history before or since.  Naturally, everyone knows of the Type VII and Type IX and their variants.  Hundreds of these boats were built, commissioned and went operational in World War Two with great success.  The Type VII and Type IX will be profiled in other books later.

In this book “Rare U-Boat Types”, we look at the boats that the U-Bootwaffe thought about, designed a few, built some and experimented with others.

This book will tell of each of the Types that had only a few built including their specifications and relevant dates, their Skippers, accomplishments and their final fates.  There are a great many photos of the boats and Skippers, many never seen before.  Naturally, the conning tower emblems are shown for each boat.

If you have any interest in the U-Bootwaffe and their boats, you can’t miss this book.

Softcover, 264 pages, hundreds of photos, emblems, diagrams – even a page of the cargo manifest from U-234 showing they were carrying uranium to Japan in the closing moments of the war.

US Marine Corps combat veteran BILL NAPIER (2290-C/LIFE-1992) got this book and he emailed:

“Your book on rare submarines is a classic, none better; chock full of photos but more importantly, also chock full of extremely hard to find info on the Skippers, crews and boats.  Well done!”

No one can claim they are a real researcher or interested in the history of the U-Bootwaffe without knowing about these boats:

Chapter 1 – Type I-A

Chapter 2 – Type II-A

Chapter 3 – Type II-B

Chapter 4 – Type II-C

Chapter 5 – Type II-D

Chapter 6 – Type III

Chapter 7 – Type IV, Type V, Type VI and Type VIII

Chapter 8 – Type X-A

Chapter 9 – Type X-B

Chapter 10 – Type XI

Chapter 11 – Type XII and Type XIII

Chapter 12 – Type XIV

Chapter 13 – Type XV

Chapter 14 – Type XVI

Chapter 15 – Experimental VB.60

Chapter 16 – Experimental VB.80

Chapter 17 – Experimental U-791

Chapter 18 – Type XVII-A

Chapter 19 – Deschimag Project

Chapter 20 – Type XVII-B

Chapter 21 – Type XVII-B2 and XVII-B3

Chapter 22 – Type XVII-E

Chapter 23 – Type XVII-G

Chapter 24 – Type XVII-K

Chapter 25 – Type XVIII

Chapter 26 – Type XIX

Chapter 27 – Type XX

Chapter 28 – Really rare designs

This book is softbound, contains 264 pages and hundreds of photos, emblems, diagrams – even a page of the cargo manifest of U-234 showing the 560 kilos of uranium they were carrying to Japan in the closing moments of the Reich.


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